How to have a logo float or over the navigation.

By Lynx Hexagon, 3 months ago. Last reply by Lynx Hexagon, 3 months ago
Hi Support, I have a website using a Site Pack Themes using Consultant. I need to know if i can make the logo float or on top of navigation menu and slider? Also need it to same as the homepage when moving to next page. Hope my explanation is enough. Thanks in advance. Lynx Hexagon

After update 4.9 images do not show in media library

By lhm, 3 months ago. Last reply by lhm, 3 months ago
Hey, after the update 4.9 new files do not show up in the media library. I checked – file authorization: 640 (also tried 644, 750, 755 –> negative) – folder authorization: 750 (also tried 755 –> negative) – uploaded the media files with filezilla via FTP –> negative – switched off every plugin (individually and…

What are options for textbg?

By ljuba973, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
[tx_slider style=”default” category=”health” delay=”8000″ parallax=”yes” items=”8″ transition=”slide” title=”show” desc=”show” link=”show” align=”center” height=”420″ textbg=”pattern”] What are other options for textbg … beside this “patter”

Post carousel not showing all entries

By Stu Ducklow, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
I have 3 entries in my post carousel, specified by post number. But only one or two of the posts seem to show up. If I click the left or right arrows, the rest will show up but obviously I want all three to show up at the same time.

Not Mobile responsive images on my site

By Kimberly Salazar, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
Hi, I am using Polestar theme and when checking my site on mobile the images are not re-sized. I have used 2 plugins for that and images are not still not optimized to the mobile sizes. Can you please help me? Thanks, Kim

SiteOrigin Premium

By Jotta Muller, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
I would like to know better about SiteOrigin. What is this? Is this a WP theme or what? I have a WP installed at Namecheap and am looking for a LMS platform site. I want to build, publish and sell online courses. How SiteOrigin add to my specific need? Thanks!

Consultant Site Pack Corrupted my SIte

By Dan, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
Hello, I recently imported the Consultant site pack, and initially, it seemed like there were no problems. However, while the consultant pre-built layout was imported successfully, I have experienced a whole host of other problems. I get error notifications on virtually all of the WordPress tabs on my site (i.e. I can’t access / add…

Questions about Site Origin/Vantage Premium

By Pizzornoelini, 3 months ago. Last reply by Pizzornoelini, 3 months ago
Hello, I would like to upgrade to Premium but there are some things I still find unclear: – If I’m using Vantage theme, can I just upgrade the theme to Premium? What are the advantages of Vantage Premium? (For example, will it delete the “a siteorigin theme” string from the footer?) – If I decide…

Edit on pages no longer possible

By Eylana, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
Hello after the update, the SiteOrigin Page Builder will no longer work on any page. If enabled, you can not edit any pages. If you deactivate it, you can edit pages again. But not with the PageBuilder

Setting up Woocommerce

By Pippa Dones, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 months ago
Hi there Brand new to Woocommerce so struggling to set-up catalog. Please help. I am helping out a small company that manufactures Water tanks. All they require is a catalog style page. The tanks come in two standard colours and there is a choice of custom colours. They want the customer to click on the…