How to add Direct Image download button in WordPress or Blogger ?

By, 27 days ago. Last reply by, 18 days ago
I want to add Image download button Below every image of my posts for my users, so that they can easily Download Images from my website. Such as shutterstock take a look of this post ( ) has Only images but not have image download button. Kindly please provide me Code for this. It…

Make menu/masthead partially or completely opaque, instead of transparent?

By Christopher Babson, 19 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 18 days ago
Hi, Does anyone know how to make Vantage Premium menu and masthead partially or fully opaque? Right now it’s completely transparent, so when you scroll my pages, you clearly see the pictures, words, etc through masthead/menu as you scroll? I was given the instructions (indented below) and I followed the instructions and eliminated the coding…

Post Grid Underline Color

By jele, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex S, 20 days ago
Hello, I’m using siteorigin on the Vantage theme and everything is cool, except for one styling issue. I’ve searched and googled but haven’t found an answer. My issue is that I am using the Livemesh post grid widget and the red filter underline does not match my general website style. But I cannot find where…

Unwind mobile view

By munnik, 27 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 22 days ago
Hi, Is there a way to get Unwind to load as “full site” when viewing on a phone? At the moment, when I go to my site on my phone, I get a blue Menu and Search header at the top of the page. At the bottom is an option to “View full site”. The…

Page to Scroll plugin between pages

By Anton Unger, 27 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 22 days ago
Hey, I’m new to web design and I’m using the free SiteOrigin North theme with Live Editor plugin and I have a question regarding the page scroll to ID plugin that I’m using. Most of my website is on one page with different rows, for which the page scroll to ID plugin work fine with…

Post Loop Bugs and Editing Options

By Alex Melkonian, 30 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 22 days ago
I’m trying to make my post loop on my home page look similar to the one on the UNWIND Demo page. Couple quick questions: 1. In the slider layout… How can I have the category of my post display between the date and the comments above the headline? 2. In the slider layout… How can…

Header menu widget drop-down hidden by main menu bar

By Margaret Broadley, 1 month ago. Last reply by Margaret Broadley, 25 days ago
I am using Vantage theme and have added the custom menu widget to the header. Unfortunately the drop-down for the sub menu items is hidden behind the main menu nav bar. Have tried, unsuccessfully, various z-index options applied to the site header; menu widget; main menu. Can anyone help with this please. The site url…

SiteOrigin Hero image blurry on mobile phone

By KB2018, 29 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 25 days ago
I’m using SiteOrigin with the Bento wordpress theme. My issue is that the hero image looks fine on the computer screen, but blurry on a mobile phone. I’ve played around with the ‘Height’ and ‘Responsive Height’ but not been able to fix the problem. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!