Vantage Theme Masthead – Unable to remove white space around logo

By Nancy Garrity, 6 years ago
Hello, I’ve read many posts on this topic and have tried several things including adding this code using Simple CSS, /* Header Padding */ header#masthead hgroup { padding-bottom: 0 !important; padding-top: 0 !important; padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right:0 !important; } .main-navigation { margin-top: -9px !important; } Unfortunately, I can’t get rid of that extra padding on…

Elements on my Website Not Responsive

By Michael Lanfield, 6 years ago
Hello. First of, I think your plugin is great and will give you a great review on WordPress shortly. I have an issue with making the elements on my site responsive. First I have Shapely theme from colorlib and the theme is responsive, but they say sometimes the elements may not be. So the images,…

Vantage events in new tab

By 404, 9 months ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 8 months ago
Hello there. I’m using the vantage theme with the “The Events Calendar” plugin. Everything works fine so far except that I’d like the events page(s) to open in a new tab. Currently when I click on an event (in the event-list widget ) the single event site opens in the same window but since I’ve…

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