Missing Widgets

Widgets can be added to your WordPress installation by the WordPress core, plugins, or themes. If you add a widget to a page and remove the plugin or theme that provided that widget, the widget will show as missing. Try following the below steps to resolve the problem:

1. Start by going to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets. The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and third-party plugins (e.g., Livemesh SiteOrigin Widgets) that use the Widgets Bundle framework will add their widgets to this page. A plugin can be activated, but if the widget you need isn’t activated, it’ll show as missing.

2. If the missing widget can’t be found at PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets, go back to the page you’re editing. Below the Missing Widget notification will be the widget name or ID. You should hopefully be able to find out which plugin or theme provided the widget and then investigate whether that plugin or theme is deactivated.

There Is a Newer Version of This Widget’s Content Available Warning

There is a newer version of this widget’s content available. Restore or Dismiss. Clicking Restore will replace the current widget contents. You can revert by refreshing the page before updating.

This prompt appears when your browser has data different from the widget version upon opening. This warning is displayed to catch unsaved changes. Typically, unsaved changes are caused by navigating away from the edit screen or reloading the editor before saving. If there aren’t any unsaved changes, it’s safe to ignore. If there are, clicking restore will restore the changes that previously weren’t safe.

If this prompt is constantly appearing regardless of whether changes have been made, it’s possible your browser’s database has been corrupted. You can typically fix this by clearing your browser’s “Site Data.”

Migrating from Page Builder – Think Up Themes Compatible

Page Builder – Think Up Themes Compatible is a fork of SiteOrigin Page Builder. Once a plugin is forked, development and support responsibilities rest with the forking author, in this case, Think Up Themes. In the event you’d like to migrate from the forked version to Page Builder by SiteOrigin:

  • Uninstall the forked versions of Page Builder by SiteOrigin and the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle.
  • Install the main versions of SiteOrigin Page Builder and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle.
  • Replace Think Up Themes widgets with SiteOrigin equivalents.

Think Up replaces our widgets with theirs, so it’s not possible to carry over data. If you decide to make this change, please, be sure to back up your site before proceeding. Testing the migration on a local or test server would be ideal.