Exporting Content

Page Builder works with the standard WordPress importer. It’s the simplest way to move your site from one server to another. Once the WordPress Importer plugin has been installed and activated, navigate to ToolsExport, select All Content and then click Download Export. This will download an XML file to your chosen download location. Before importing content to your new WordPress installation, be sure to first install Page Builder, Widgets Bundle, and any other supporting plugins. To import your content, go to ToolsImport, click WordPress and use the Choose File button to select your XML file. Complete the process by clicking the Upload file and import button.

If you’d like to migrate your entire WordPress installation to another server, we highly recommend using Duplicator Plugin. Duplicator will take care of things like moving your theme and plugin files, as well as any media you’ve uploaded. We’ve tested it and it works well with Page Builders content.