Page Builder Settings

To manage Page Builder’s global settings, navigate to SettingsPage Builder, there you’ll find the following tabs:

  • General
  • Widgets
  • Layout
  • Content


Post Types
Enabled post types will appear under this heading. The default WordPress post types are pages and posts. Other post types might appear depending on the plugins you have activated. For example, if WooCommerce is installed, the products post type will appear. Use the checkbox to enable or disable Page Builder for each post type.


Widget Title HTML
Use this field to edit the HTML that is outputted before and and after each widget title in Page Builder. {{title}} is replaced with the widget title.

Add Widget Class
Add the widget class to Page Builder widgets. Most themes target this class if theme widget styles are negatively impacting widgets in Page Builder, disable this setting.

Legacy Bundled Widgets
Load legacy widgets from Page Builder One. Suitable for sites using Page Builder One bundled widgets that don’t wish to manually migrate their widget content to the Widgets Bundle.

Recommended Widgets
Display recommend widgets in the Page Builder add widget dialog.


Responsive Layout
Collapse widgets, rows and columns on mobile devices.

Use Tablet Layout
Collapses columns differently on tablet devices. Makes use of the Tablet Width collapse point setting.

Tablet Width
Device width, in pixels, to collapse into a tablet view .

Mobile Width
Device width, in pixels, to collapse into a mobile view .

Row Bottom Margin
Default margin below rows.

Last Row With Margin
Allow a bottom margin in the last row.

Row Gutter
Default spacing between columns in each row.

Full Width Container
The container used when stretching rows to full-width or full-width stretched (full-width has an unconstrained background with constrained content, full-width Stretched has an unconstrained background and content).


Copy Content
Copy Page Builder content to the post content. Whenever edits are made in Page Builder, content will be automatically copied to the post content (Visual/Text tabs). This is useful for plugins like Yoast SEO that need to analyze post content. Note that when moving from Page Builder back to the post content (Visual/Text tabs), Page Builder formatting will be lost. This setting won’t change that behaviour.