SiteOrigin widget doesn’t work

By Anastasia Abbakumova, 7 years ago. Last reply by Daniel, 7 years ago
I have problem, when I choose widget «Layout Builder» (Appearance->Widgets) I see this massege: “This widget has scripts and styles that need to be loaded before you can use it. Please save and reload your current page. You will only need to do this once.” I reload current page, but nothing change. May be I…

Calendar in Contact Form 7

By Daniel Raphael, 7 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 years ago
I have read some past entries regarding the ability to add to a drop down calendar (in order to select a desired date) using contact form 7. However, looking at the most up to date version I can’t seem to work out how to do it. The current calendar option just produces a text box…

Post carousel Widget linking to a specific post

By Herbert de Vrijer, 7 years ago
Hi, I’m using your post carousel on my homepage to show my newest blog items. But when i click on one of the items in my post carousel, it just reloades my home page. Do you maybe know how I can link it to the blog post the carousel is displaying, or maybe just my…

Change text alignment in features widget

By Shelley, 7 years ago
I followed the directions from a previous thread trying to align text in the Features Widget, but it didn’t work. The default text aligns center (not sure why) and I’d like to change it to left. Below is what I did: In the Attributes Widget Class line I entered: features-widget-text Then in my CSS Style…

SiteOrigin Features

By Joey Fiege, 7 years ago. Last reply by Daniel, 7 years ago
Hello SiteOrigin, Since I’ve changed my WordPress-address (URL), the icons of “SiteOrigin Features” are not showhing up anymore. What could be the reason and how can I get them back on the website? I hope you can help me. Joey URL:

Language support on post carousel

By Aengeln Englund, 7 years ago
I’ve recently installed the Vantage Premium theme along with the widget pack. One very nice widget is the post carousel. However, I’ve noticed that at the end of the post preview it says “More info”, rather than it’s Swedish equivalent. All other text seem to be translated fine, and I can’t find anywhere to change…

Adding Ga eventtracking to Call-to-action widget

By Thijs, 7 years ago
Hey guys/girls, I have a rather simple question (I guess), but I can’t seem to figure out the answer. On my website (which is still under construction) I’m using the call-to-action widget. I’m trying to add GA Eventtracking to the buttons I created with the widget. I know this is pretty easy, cause you just…

Site Origin Widgets SSL

By David Ray Rice, 7 years ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 7 years ago
Hey guys, Just installed my SSL certificate, got everything working. Cleaned up all my links, but a few of the Page Builder Widgets are giving me the errors. Most notably on /wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/widgets/img/checks/slate.png For Price List. I went into the widgets.php and it looks like everything uses the plugin_dir_url which should make it work. Any ideas…

List widget

By Sven Schuurhuis, 7 years ago
Hi, I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Pagebuilder and Widgets Bundle but can’t seem to find the List widget, which I quite frequently used in the past. Is it not available in the latest version? If so, any suggestion which widget I can use to replace it? Thank you.

Help with Origin

By Carl Nelson, 7 years ago
Well, to say the least, during the site builder video I saw some beautifully designed pages, content wise, the about me page in particular, where it shows several images and some titles below them IMAGE IMAGE TEXT TEXT How was this achieved?

Not working in Internet Explorer 9

By David Wilson, 7 years ago
I have just switched to AccessPress Parallax Pro with the Site Origin Widgets bundle. The site looks great on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 11, but is all over the place on Internet Explorer 9. On IE9 if I try to edit the Features Widget I get an error message “This widget has scripts…