why there is white space between rows?

By Prakhar Monga, 2 years ago
i am using virtue theme. there is too much white space between rows. i have read all previous threads but the problem is still there. this white space problem is a old one , i don’t know why siteorigin page builder developers have come up with a solution. guys please make it simple like other…

Hide/show rows and widgets by Uri parameters

By Sergey Chervach, 2 years ago
It’s likely to be useful for many people, especially where they adwertise some pages by AdWords/FB etc. I use particular JScript for hidding widgets by CSS IDs depend on URI-parameners. But why we should send some unnecessary elements to visitors? Best way is to remove them from code by php logic. Thanks

Titles for Rows

By breathee, 2 years ago. Last reply by breathee, 2 years ago
When you have built a long page and you have three or four rows each with ‘SiteOrigin Headline – A headline widget’ it makes finding the one you want not very intutive. My thought is to have a title box inline with the edit buttons where you can title each row making it easier to…

Simple masonry title

By Andreas Anastasiades, 2 years ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 years ago
As I can not reply to following topic, I create a new one Site Origin Simple Masonry display title Is it an idea to just go to widgets-bundle > simple-masonry > tpl > default.php Underneath line: add: add some css to your theme like:

Mobile Video Backgrounds

By dwhite, 2 years ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 years ago
At present when you’re using a video background (for a hero image or something similar) it won’t play on mobile, because the “playsinline” and “muted” attributes aren’t being set. Can we update the plug-ins to add these attributes for video background?