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Tabs widget: Vertical option? Embedded So Page Builder editor?


I’m presently trying to integrate vertical tabs onto one of the pages on a site that I manage – coincidentally, I’m also attempting to do so on a site of my own. Both make almost exclusive use of SiteOrigin’s Page Builder for everything short of blog posts.

This said, I noticed that the latest Widgets Bundle now has tabs bundled with it, so I (obviously) tried it out. Unfortunately, I was most disappointed to find that it doesn’t seem to have a vertical orientation option.

I wanted to ask if that may be something that may become a part of a future build, or perhaps the premium addons – especially as wpinked has developed EXACTLY that in their “Widgets for SiteOrigin” plugin, and the premium version even has an option to use the PageBuilder editor inside each tab – and I can’t tell you how much I could use that.

Unfortunately, the wpinked tabs also have one line of code that seems to interfere with my theme’s CSS, causing the tabs to overlap the text. Though it seems to be a conflict from wpinked’s plugin and not the theme (I’d be hacking the theme’s CSS immediately if I thought this wasn’t the case), I REALLY want to get it to work, because I’d gladly buy their plugin if it did.

Put simply…you have a live fish looking for some bait to bite on here. I’m willing to purchase something that has these features if it works, and also advise the same purchase for my client’s site.

Let me know! Thank you!


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  1. 1 year, 27 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Kurt,

    Unfortunately, as you’ve seen it’s not currently possible to have vertical tabs. I’m going to log this as a feature request as I can definitely see the value in it. Sorry about this.

    the premium version even has an option to use the PageBuilder editor inside each tab – and I can’t tell you how much I could use that.

    This will be possible with the SiteOrigin Tabs widget in the next SiteOrigin premium update which is expected to be released sometime this week.

  2. 1 year, 27 days ago cudak888

    No problem, Alex.

    Incidentally, I did find the code issue with the wpinked plugin – it turned out to be a line of code that the theme (Photolite) should have had in the first place. Here’s what I discovered, just in case a similar issue comes up in your testing: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/possible-conflict-w-wpinked-widgets-for-site-origin-due-to-box-sizing-tag/

    I did go ahead and buy the full version of the other addon after finding the bug though, and I don’t regret it – purely for the ability to use the SO editor inside it. It’s invaluable. Looking forward to seeing it in the SO premium version, though I’ll probably stick with the wpinked plugin for now (lest I have to recreate everything all over again).

    I’ll keep an eye out for the vertical tabs option in future. Even though there’d be no point in the effort of migrating it, I’m sure there’ll be something else worthwhile in the package.



  3. 1 year, 26 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Cudak888,

    Preface: We’ve released the SiteOrigin Premium that allows Page Builder to be used in tabs.

    Great to hear you managed to resolve the issue you were having with Widgets for SiteOrigin and thank you for the heads up on the cause. That’s absolutely fine mate – thank you for your interest in SiteOrgin Premium.

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