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Creating a Master Template Page

By JaySonic2, 29 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 9 days ago.

Hi SiteOrigin Team, Happy Holidays !

I’m putting together a site using the Unwind Theme and WooCommerce, along with SO Page Builder

and for several days have been unable to come up with a clever solution to modify product pages in the future. I will try to outline an example of what I’m hoping to achieve:

Lets say my Woocommerce page structure is as follows (in the long-form description field)

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4

My ‘Section 3’ is a hero widget that offers free shipping. But I would like to toggle this section between alternating months, to offer a 20% discount instead. What might be the most effective way to do this without manually changing every single product page each time ? My goal is for 36 products, and as you can imagine, manually deleting a section then adding a new section each time is very labor intensive.

I know about the ‘clone pages’ feature, and in fact I may create separate ‘pages’, each as their own section, that I can clone into the relevant section each time.

Having previously used Gutenberg Reusable Blocks, where an area would retrieve any changes to the ‘master’ block, this would have been a solution, but WooCommerce does not support blocks. From some research I’ve done, it appears they have no plans to introduce this functionality. And their own WC Blocks… well that doesn’t work, and I suspect it’s only relevant to their own Storefront theme

So how might I approach this – to change a section from a master page, rather than modify every product each month ?

I should add that I do not understand modifications to .php files, and I try to keep very lean, with no other plugins. But I do use Custom CSS for certain changes (mostly to hide elements)

Pulling my hair out over this, and of all the likely ‘hacks’, the best I can come up with is to replace the contents of the section with a static image file, say titled ‘offer.jpg’. them simply change out the media asset with a different offer, but with the identical file name. but thats far from ideal, since I’ll lose the responsive text (and…. there’s also a store coupon code that I would like customers to be able to copy/paste)

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  1. 28 days, 10 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jay

    Thanks for reaching out and for your well wishes :)

    SiteOrigin Premium includes the Mirror Widgets addon that would be ideal for your use case. More on the addon via the documentation page Page: Mirror Widgets.

    If you have any follow-up or new questions, please, let us know.

  2. 13 days, 47 minutes ago JaySonic2

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you so much – is there a trial version I can use to see if this meets my requirements ? I’ve been severely impacted by the current global situation, so even the low price of $29 is a stretch for me right now, and I wouldn’t want to buy something that’s not working for my needs.

    I’ll elaborate on some queries I have with this option (of the Mirror Widgets)

    Ultimately, I don’t want to have to return to ANY Woocommerce product page to do editing after they are posted, but have it retrieve whatever content is in the assigned widget. But I also don’t want to re0built the re-suable widget each time, but instead toggle between two different ones. Here’s a scenario:

    Widget 1: Free Shipping
    Widget 2: 20% Off Orders

    If I were to pre-build both of these widgets for use as reusable, how would I toggle between them, lets say every second month rather than rebuilt the required widget each time ? Looking at your video walkthrough, I’m not sure there is a clone/replace function

    Completely theorising here, but could I …..

    Create a master widget called ‘Monthly Offer’, in which every product page is retrieving.
    Create Widget 1 / Widget 2 as above
    Copy/Paste contents of these two widgets into the ‘Monthly Offer’ widget each month

    If it’s as simple as the copy/paste row function in the structure of the rest of the SiteOrigin environment, that would be perfect.

  3. 10 days, 23 hours ago JaySonic2

    Update: I noticed you had a sale on Premium Subscription, so I went ahead and bought it.

    And the Mirror Widgets does exactly what I was hoping. This is an excellent feature

    So much so in fact, that I am creating an entire page template from these widget modules, allowing me to rollout global changes across all pages at once, if I want modify anything.

    Thanks again


  4. 9 days, 14 hours ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jay,

    That’s great to hear! Thank you for your support! :)

    If you haven’t had a look at it yet, I recommend taking a look at the WooCommerce Template Builder addon (it can be enabled by navigating to SiteOriginPremium Addonsand clicking Activate). It’ll allow you to override the standard WooCommerce Templates and selectively create different layouts for different pages in a similar central way as the Mirror widget allows for. For example, rather than swapping out a single Mirror Widget, you may find it easier to swap to a different product template you’ve built. Although admittedly, you would need to briefly open the relevant product to change the template over.

    Kind regards,

  5. 9 days, 1 hour ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jay,

    I’ve marked this thread as resolved. If anything else comes up please email premium support directly at [email protected]. :)

    Kind regards,

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