How to Use Origami Slider ?

By rp, 4 years ago. Last reply by rp, 4 years ago
It gives me When I update the page and view it, then this occurs: Fatal error: Call to undefined function siteorigin panels is home() in /home/vhosts/localtest/httpdocs/blog/wp- content/themes/origami/inc/gallery. I like to know what I'm doing wrong so I can use the Origami slider on every page.

Error message Origami theme

By kwmcneill, 5 years ago. Last reply by kwmcneill, 5 years ago
I’m getting an error message on the customizer front page. Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/kenmcnei/public_html/wp-content/themes/origami/inc/settings/settings.php on line 449 Is this something I should be concerned about?

Sidebar in Origami

By rekcutmit, 5 years ago. Last reply by Support Assistants, 5 years ago
I know that the theme doesn’t come with a sidebar and that you can fake it by using the page builder to make two columns. I have created, ZI have turned off and on plugins to try and narrow that down, but it still does not show when I publish the page. ( I can…

Can’t see featured image on page

By Eleanor Coats, 5 years ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 years ago
Hi there! I am using Origami for my website. I’ve used it before, loved it and had no problems, but now, even though I am able to add a featured image when editing the page, the featured image does not show up on the page itself. Any advice greatly appreciated!! Thank you, Ellie

Origami premium

By Kapteinis Pantaleons, 5 years ago. Last reply by Kapteinis Pantaleons, 5 years ago
A while back I bought Origami premium, but now I reinstalled my blog and I don’t know how to activate my Origami premium again. Can you, please, help me out? Thanks! P.S. First time I tried to publish this thread, I forgot to choose “Thread Topic” and got error, which is ok, but all my…

Change distance between menu items

By Annabel Edwards, 5 years ago. Last reply by Annabel Edwards, 5 years ago
Hi, I just updated WordPress and now for some reason I can’t adjust the horizontal space between my menu items anymore. Previously I was using this code and it was working fine! Any advice? Thanks so much. (website here:

Breakpoint in Origami theme

By manandmouse, 5 years ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 years ago
I´ve customised the Origami theme rather much, using CSS, custom loops etc. There is one big thing that I cant solve: change the breakpoint for the Mobile Navigation/menu. It seems to be set at 430px. I want it set to e.g 600px. I cant find where to do this.