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Corp – smooth scroll with Hero Button & other issue

Hi there,

I just set up a new project using SiteOrigin Corp Theme which is really great.
I entcountered two issues with smoth scroll within Corp.
First is, that it does not seem to work with the button in the hero widget. When clicking the button the side jumps directly without smooth scroll (and also not to the correct position).
Second is that smoth scroll in den main menu sometimes does not work. If I click different anchor links repeatedly it soemtimes does a hard jump (is that the correct term?).
I found the advise in the forum to deactivate smoth scroll and use “page scroll to id”. But the option to deactivate smooth scroll in Corp seems to be removed. Also the installation of “page scroll to id” did not have any effect.
Is there any further advise?

best regards

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  1. 2 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jörg

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The following class can be added to buttons or links to add smooth scroll:


    In the button, you can open Other attributes and SEO to find the Button classes field.

    Page: One Page Website

    Please, send a link to the page concerned and we’ll take a look at the issue you’ve described.

  2. 2 years, 7 months ago Datsyuk

    Hey Andrew,

    thank you so much. Adding the class worked fine.

    For the other issue please check http://www.karldigital.de, if you keep on clicking the main menu links sometimes smooth scroll does not work.

    Best regards

  3. 2 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Glad to hear you’re making progress.

    Interrupted smooth scroll transition
    I think you’re asking about a user clicking on a menu item while an existing smooth scroll is already in progress but before it has reached its destination. The smooth scroll does continue to work after the next click. I’m not sure there is a better way to deal with an interrupted smooth scroll transition. I’ll ask for you though.

  4. 2 years, 7 months ago Alex S
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Datsyuk,

    The SiteOrgin Corp smooth scrolling is for the menu so the Hero widget button won’t be smooth scrolled out of the box. I recommend using Page scroll to id to add that as it’ll allow for smooth scrolling outside of the menu, and it won’t conflict with the theme smooth scroll. Please navigate to SettingsPage scroll to id and adjust your settings to:

    Set the Selector to .site-content a[href*=#]
    Set Offset to #masthead
    Untick Enable on WordPress Menu links

    As for menu scrolling, the base SiteOrigin Corp smooth scroll will not be interrupted if a different menu item is clicked. If you would like for this to happen, you can do this by adjusting your Page scroll settings to:

    Tick Enable on WordPress Menu links
    Tick Prevent other scripts from handling plugin’s links.

    Kind regards,

  5. 2 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jörg

    We’ve logged an issue for Corp to re-calculate smooth scrolling while a smooth scroll is active. The issue is here https://github.com/siteorigin/siteorigin-corp/issues/157. You don’t have to use Page Scroll to ID for the Hero button scroll as outlined above but you can. Page Scroll to ID will need to be used for the time being if you’d like smooth scrolling that can re-initiate while a smooth scroll event is still in progress.



  6. 2 years, 7 months ago Datsyuk

    Hey Alex and Adrew,

    thank you so much for the great support. I really appreciate it.
    Hero Button already works fine with the class solution. I could also enclose the smooth scroll problem to the interrupted smooth scroll as you suspected. I will pursue the issue on github.

    thank you again!

  7. 2 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Glad we could help.

    We have a few projects that are open and in need of completion. We won’t be able to attend to the issue logged on GitHub this year. For an immediate solution to the second issue, the above Scroll to ID steps would be the way to go.

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