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Widget icons are just class names that are displayed as divs next to widgets in Page Builder. These are a great way to give your users a quick visual representation of your widget.

The easiest thing to use for your icons is the official WordPress icon set, Dashicons, but you can quite easily add your own icons.

Widgets Argument

This is the easiest way to add icons to your widgets. You just need to include a panels_icon argument to the $widget_options argument of the WP_Widget constructor.

class Foo_Widget extends WP_Widget {

     * Register widget with WordPress.
    function __construct() {
            'foo_widget', // Base ID
            __( 'Widget Title', 'text_domain' ), // Name
                'description' => __( 'A Foo Widget', 'text_domain' ),
                'panels_icon' => 'dashicons dashicons-wordpress'

Filtering Page Builder Widgets

This works in a similar way to how you'd assign widget groups. You use the siteorigin_widgets filter to alter the widgets icons.

function mytheme_add_widget_icons($widgets){
    $widgets['My_Widget']['icon'] = 'dashicons dashicons-wordpress';
    return $widgets;
add_filter('siteorigin_panels_widgets', 'mytheme_add_widget_icons');

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