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The siteorigin_panels_widget_instance hook will allow you to override the widget instance, and output content based on its values. It has three parameters:

  • instance The current widget instance array
  • the_widget The WP_Widget object of the current widget.
  • widget_class A string containing the current widget_class name.


The example code will enable the SiteOrigin Editor widget setting Automatically Add Paragraph if the Title setting is set to Test.

function so_editor_override_setting_if_test( $instance, $the_widget, $widget_class ) {
    if (
        $widget_class == 'SiteOrigin_Widget_Editor_Widget' &&
        ! empty( $instance['title'] ) &&
        $instance['title' ] == 'Test'
    ) {
        $instance['autop'] = true;

    return $instance;
add_filter( 'siteorigin_panels_widget_instance', 'so_editor_override_setting_if_test', 10, 3 );

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