Filtering Page Builder HTML structure

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By default, Page Builder gives you all the HTML you'll likely need to customize the look and feel of your layout. There are times, however, that you'll need to add your own HTML, classes or styles. You'll find most of these filters in the siteorigin_panels_render.

Before and After Content

Page builder gives you a pair of filters, siteorigin_panels_before_content and siteorigin_panels_after_content that let you add extra content before and after a layout. By default, these filters both output empty strings, but you can add what ever you need.

These filters both take 3 arguments. An empty string, which will eventually be echoed by Page Builder, $panels_data and $post_id.

They're called as follows.

echo apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_before_content', '', $panels_data, $post_id );
// Page Builder content is rendered here
echo apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_after_content', '', $panels_data, $post_id );

Before and After Rows

Just like before and after content, these filters give you a chance to add raw HTML before and after indivdual rows.

echo apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_before_row', '', $panels_data['grids'][$gi], $grid_attributes );
// Row is generated here
echo apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_after_row', '', $panels_data['grids'][$gi], $grid_attributes );

Row and Cell Styles

Page Builder has a few ways for you to add classes and CSS attributes to style wrappers. These wrappers are designed to give you a way to add visual styling to your Page Builder elements.

This is how the filters are called for rows.

$grid_classes = apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_row_classes', array('panel-grid'), $panels_data['grids'][$gi] );
$grid_attributes = apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_row_attributes', array(
    'class' => implode( ' ', $grid_classes ),
    'id' => 'pg-' . $post_id . '-' . $gi
), $panels_data['grids'][$gi] );

The first filter siteorigin_panels_row_classes lets you add custom styling. The second is siteorigin_panels_row_attributes lets you add HTML and CSS attributes as an associative array. So you might have a function as follows.

function myplugin_filter_row_attributes($attributes, $grid){
    // Look in $grid['style'] and from that add 
    if(empty($attributes['style'])) $attributes['style'] = array();
    $attributes['style']['background'] = '#00FF00';
add_filter('siteorigin_panels_row_attributes','myplugin_filter_row_attributes', 10, 2);

Dealing with cell styles is similar.

// Themes can add their own styles to cells
$cell_classes = apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_row_cell_classes', array('panel-grid-cell'), $panels_data );
$cell_attributes = apply_filters( 'siteorigin_panels_row_cell_attributes', array(
    'class' => implode( ' ', $cell_classes ),
    'id' => 'pgc-' . $post_id . '-' . $gi  . '-' . $ci
), $panels_data );