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Widget groups give you a way to keep your widgets organized within the Add Widget dialog.

Widget Groups

You can add your own groups using the siteorigin_panels_widget_dialog_tabs filter. You need to add tabs and assign these tabs a group filter.

function mytheme_add_widget_tabs($tabs) {
    $tabs[] = array(
        'title' => __('My Tab', 'mytheme'),
        'filter' => array(
            'groups' => array('mytheme')

    return $tabs;
add_filter('siteorigin_panels_widget_dialog_tabs', 'mytheme_add_widget_tabs', 20);

Next you just need to make sure that you assign your widgets a group. You can either do this by filtering the widgets array using siteorigin_panels_widgets and add a groups attribute to each of your widgets, or you can add a panels_groups argument to the $widget_options argument of the WP_Widget constructor.

Filtering Page Builder Widgets

function mytheme_add_widget_icons($widgets){
    $widgets['My_Widget']['groups'] = array('mytheme');
    return $widgets;
add_filter('siteorigin_panels_widgets', 'mytheme_add_widget_icons');

Widgets Argument

class Foo_Widget extends WP_Widget {

     * Register widget with WordPress.
    function __construct() {
            'foo_widget', // Base ID
            __( 'Widget Title', 'text_domain' ), // Name
                'description' => __( 'A Foo Widget', 'text_domain' ),
                'panels_groups' => array('mytheme')