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The siteorigin_panels_css_row_collapse_point filter will allow you to override the global Page Builder Mobile Width on a row by row basis.



collapse_point is the collapse_point of the current row. This parameter is empty by default, and the global Page Builder Mobile Width is used instead.


The instance of the current row instance.


The row index of the current row. Please note that the row index is not zero-based, so the first-row index is 1.


The current Page Builder instance.


The following example will override the collapse point of the first row in the current Page Builder instance and set it to 550.

add_filter( 'siteorigin_panels_css_row_collapse_point', function( $collapse_point, $row, $ri, $panels_data ) {
    if ( $ri == 1 ) {
        $collapse_point = 550;

    return $collapse_point;
}, 10, 4 );

Dedicated Collapse Point Row Setting

The following snippet will allow you to set a Collapse Point on a row by row basis using the Page Builder interface. This snippet makes use of siteorigin_panels_row_style_fields filter which is outlined on the Custom Row Options Hooks page.

// Add in collapse point input field.
add_filter( 'siteorigin_panels_row_style_fields', function( $fields ) {
    $fields['collapse_point'] = array(
        'name'        => __( 'Row Collapse Point', 'siteorigin-panels' ),
        'type'        => 'number',
        'group'       => 'layout',
        'description' => sprintf( __( 'Row Collapse point. Default is %spx.', 'custom-text-domain' ), siteorigin_panels_setting( 'mobile-width' ) ),
        'priority'    => 11,

    return $fields;
}, 20 );

// Override the row collapse point as needed.
add_filter( 'siteorigin_panels_css_row_collapse_point', function( $collapse_point, $row ) {
    if ( ! empty( $row['style']['collapse_point'] ) ) {
        $collapse_point = $row['style']['collapse_point'];

    return $collapse_point;
}, 10, 2 );

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