Custom menus is a feature you’ll use just about every time you create a new WordPress site. It’s worth mastering this part of your theme setup.

In your WordPress admin navigate to Appearance > Menus. Start by entering a new name for your menu, then press the create menu button.

Depending on what theme you’re using, you’ll have any number of possible locations in the theme locations meta box. Assign your newly created menu to one of these theme locations, then press save.

Now you’re ready to start adding items to your menu. All the available options are down the left column, and if you click screen options, you can choose to hide or display entry types.

To add an entry, select it, then press Add to Menu. You can add as many entries as you like.

To reorganize your menu, pick up entries and drag them around. To create a submenu, pick up the entry and drag it slightly to the right. If your theme supports submenus, it’ll display these deeper level entries as drop down menus.

When you’re done adding entries, press “Save Menu”.