Shortcode suddenly showing as text

By Deb Cooper, 6 years ago
Just had an email to state that the shortcode on www.bvrunners.org.uk is showing up as text. Did a check and yup, all the shortcodes are showing. There hasn’t been any change that I can see. I’ve tried with different theme – no joy. I’ve tried disabling plugins – still no joy. HELP! Deb

SiteOrigin CSS Plugin not working

By Larry Frazier, 6 years ago
I am currently using the Vantage theme on my main site. I installed the CSS Plugin, but when I go to use it neither the visual nor the text editor main window shows up. The “text, decoration, and layout window does show up. “The plugin works fine on my test site. Here are the things…

Widget not updating image

By insight, 6 years ago
Hi Folks, Since updating from page builder 2.4.25 to 2.6.1, a custom widget image is not updating properly when we save the page. The editable image works before saving, in that the image preview on the edit screen after updating the image shows the correct image, but when saving the page the old image is…

Facebook Emoticons im Page Builder Editor verwenden?

Hello Support I have the following problem: I would like to insert Fecebook post texts including their emoticons in the SiteOrigin PageBuilder Editor. The idea behind it was fohende: It should be possible for my website visitors to mark these Facebook posts on my website, copy them and then paste them on Facebook in a…

Uji Countdown

By Giuseppe Cavallo, 6 years ago
Hello, I’m trying to set up a countdown timer on my website. I followed this thread which was solved by enabling the Content Cache option, which unfortunately now has been suspended. It seems there are conflicts among Uji Countdown plugin and Yoast SEO pluging. So can you suggest how can I solve it? Thank you

PageBuilder tab not showing in editor

By Kathy Pop, 6 years ago
The pagebuilder tab stopped showing in the page editor. I deactivated all plugins except the pagebuilder itself and the required widgets. Still did not show. I deactivated as well as re-installed the pagebuilder plugin and created a new page, but no change. I changed themes ( currently using Weaver Extreme) to Twenty- Seventeen Also the…

Page Builder SiteOrigin Plugin Not Working

By jkerr121, 6 years ago
Hi, I built my website with page builder sightorigin plugin. But now it is not showing up. In the WordPress pages, it is still there, but when I click to customize it says I need to install Page Builder SiteOrigin Plugin. (It already is installed.) When I click the link the location says it already…

Page Builder conversation doesn’t work on new pages

With the latest WP Site Origin update, can’t convert a page to Page Builder. Also the Kadence Theme’s Virtue Shortcode for tables for that page isn’t working properly since your update. I can’t get into the columns or rows to paste content. Sent same message to Kadence Themes (www.kadencethemes.com). Need your help ASAP. Thanks much.…

Consultant Site Bundle not installing on Azure

By Louise Van der Bijl, 6 years ago
Hi SO I am have tried to install the Site Origin Consultant Site Bundle Pack, and during step 12 it asked me to log in again and then gets stuck. I have tried recreating the site but I get the same issue, as well as following your instructions to delete so-site-bundle folders via FTP, and…

Not able to center icons SiteOrigin Features

By kevin cammarata, 6 years ago
I’m having the hardest time centering the icons. Its center when viewing via mobile but jammed to the left on desktop. You can see a sample located in the feature section (invoices) at servicebull.net I have the container postion set to top. I would think it would be centered in the container by default. What…

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