so-css question

By Matt Medeiros, 5 years ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 5 years ago
Hey folks, I love what you’ve done with the CSS plugin — super clean! We have our own “builder” plugin that I’d love to showcase so-css with, but we’re running into an issue where it’s not picking up on ID’s to edit. It works with classes, which is great, but that means it makes a…

CSS Editor question

By Alejandro Suazo, 5 years ago
Hello and thanks for you great release. I installed CSS editor and only can edit the Home Page, I have different design in other page and wanna refine the look via CSS editor, how I can edit individual page or post? thanks!

CSS Editor on localhost

By Richard Sanderson, 5 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 5 years ago
Hi there, Busy building a site on localhost using xampp. Using Vantage Premium as the theme and working with Page Builder. I have used CSS Editor an on-line site and it worked beautifully but on local it just doesn’t function. I get the custom css page but the “eye” link doesn’t function. Have you got…

CSS Plugin

By preston_road, 5 years ago. Last reply by preston_road, 5 years ago
Hi I’m no expert on CSS, so was excited at the thought that your CSS plugin may prove to be a great help in editing my WordPress site. The first thing I wanted to do was to increase the font size for the site tag line, underneath the main heading. After entering the visual interface,…

Siteorigin plugin won’t work

By Jose Torres, 5 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 5 years ago
I installed the plugin I know is installed because it is in the plugin list in WordPress theme, but for some reason when I open on appearance + theme options for the first time it’s open normally non inspector blank app like on the video, so I didn’t nothing because nothing show up. By the…

Visual Editor mode button doesn’t reveal anything

By tuqqer, 5 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 5 years ago
I’ve just installed the SiteOrigin CSS editor and I’m now in Appearances: Custom CSS. But when I click on either of the Editor toolbar icons (Visual and Expanded), nothing happens. Everything remains blank. I’ve taken a 6-second GIF here: URL:

French translation of so-css

By BrunoT, 5 years ago. Last reply by Magus, 5 years ago
Hello Greg, Thank you for so-css who is fantastic. I made the french translation of so-css and evrerybody can can have it on Kind regards, Bruno URL:

Expanded Editor cut off

By SK, 5 years ago. Last reply by Magus, 5 years ago
The first few characters on left side of the code in the Expanded Editor do not appear. When I select all the code, copy and paste it into a text editor, all the code appears, and I can edit and then paste it back into the SiteOrigin Expanded Editor and save it of course, I'd…