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WP footer copyrtight and yerar removing

Hello. Please help – how can I remove copyright in footer? The website runs on wordpress and nowhere in the template can i find a place to delete it. https://epoint.sk/ (bottom left “© 2020 Magazín epoint.sk”)

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  1. 28 days, 6 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Epointsk

    Thanks for reaching out.

    A general reminder that when WordPress themes are updated, the entire theme folder is overwritten. If you’d like to make code-level changes, please, do so via a child theme.

    Here is a child theme for Vantage: Page: Child Theme.
    Here is how to migrate your Customizer settings from the parent to the child theme: Post: Migrating Parent to Child Theme Customizer Settings
    More on child themes Page: Child Themes.

    The footer attribution link can be removed in SiteOrigin themes via the No Attribution addon in our SiteOrigin Premium. Page: No Attribution.

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