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How can I change tablet break point width on a specific page?


Like the question states, I’d like to alter the tablet break point width on a specific page or even disable it all together. I am running into issues with the way my row is built in the tablet view specifically.

Though I do not want to change the way the tablet break point works on the other parts of my site. So I’d like to disable for this particular page.

I am familiar with CSS and JS so any solution that uses that would also be helpful even if there isn’t anything simpler.


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  1. 6 days, 8 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Angelo

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Within Page Builder settings there isn’t currently a way to change the breakpoint for a particular row. You could perhaps use two rows and display one for mobile/tablet and one for desktop. SiteOrigin Premium includes a Toggle Visibility addon that could be used for this purpose Page: Toggle Visibility. It’s also something you could achieve with CSS.

    It’s possible to override the tablet breakpoints using Custom CSS but is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of support we’re able to offer here on the forums. Our premium support scope allows us the budget to assist with more technical tasks and customizations where needed.

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