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I have a problem when previewing the website on smartphone device, on the contact us page it seems the Footer is covering the area of the “send” button.
is there a way to fix this issue please assist me.

thank you

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  1. 1 year, 1 month ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Mohammed,

    Do you have a public URL where we can take a look at what’s going on?

  2. 1 year, 1 month ago mohammed alyaqoub

    Thanks for the reply and sorry i didnt include the url in the beginning

    i fixed it earlier thank you
    I like your theme so much simple and to the point, now as a beginner developer which package u recommend for me, since I will by using your themes on different hosts.

    again thanks.
    p.s : I just started WordPress and im glad that I used your Vantage theme as my first website, please if u have any advice or remarks I can add to the website will be appreciated.

  3. 1 year, 1 month ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Mohammed,

    I’m glad you were able to resolve this issue. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be of assistance this time.

    I would recommend taking a look at Unwind. Here’s some new and exciting features we’ve recently added>

    Post: New Blog Layouts for Unwind
    Post: New Header Layouts for Unwind
    Post: New Portfolio Support for Unwind


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