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Font Change, Links, and Spacing

I’ve created a page with a small amount of text and a Gallery of photos. One/Some of the photos have captions. I’d like to change the caption font inside this Gallery widget.

Also, I’d like to link this page to a different page… I have a main page that I want to be directed to these sub-pages (with the Gallery of photos) when clients tap the image.
So: 1. Main Page with mostly text and six images (developer used Post Grid to add these images).
2. I would like for each of these images to go to the pages that I’ve created with the Gallery of images.
This is where I’d like to change the spacing and font (of caption, if any is added)

And… lastly… how do I create a little more space (in the Gallery) between the two rows of photos and decrease the spacing between the columns of photos? Is this padding?

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. 1 year, 5 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    The gallery caption font size is most likely controlled by your theme’s styling. One option is to use our SiteOrigin CSS plugin to make the desired change yourself. You could do it using the SiteOrigin CSS visual editor.

    Page: Getting Started

    If you’re using the core WordPress Gallery Widget, it has three linking options. Attachment Page, Media File or None. If you’d like the option to specify the link for each image you could consider the SiteOrigin Image Grid Widget which is available as part of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin. The same would be the case for the Post Grid Widget. I’m not sure who authors that widget but if it doesn’t have the option to specify a URL for each post then you’d need to look at using another widget.

    The SiteOrigin Image Grid Widget is worth taking a look at. There are settings available to set the padding between images. The current padding is most likely controlled by your theme. It’s also something you could look at adjusting with SiteOrigin CSS if interested.

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