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Export or otherwise transfer Page Builder layouts/content to other sites?

I’m working on a few microsites with similar home page layouts using the Vantage theme. I was hoping that just exporting the database content from one site, and importing it to the other, as long as all the plugins were there and activated, everything would work just fine.

What I’m finding to be the case, however, is any pages built with Page Builder are essentially getting zeroed out on the 2nd site, and I end up having to rebuild the layout and copy/paste the content(s) each time. Not a huge deal with only two sites, but this project will be covering about 20 microsites once complete, and that’s just a tremendous amount of time (though obviously much less-so than rebuilding each site from scratch).

I was wondering if there is any way to export layouts/content from one site to another? I’ve tried both WordPress’s xml import/export, and exporting the entire database from one site to the next, but neither has worked. Which I take to mean that Page Builder isn’t actually storing it’s structure inside the database, but I don’t know where else that information might be stored, definitely not in wp-content that I can find. And if it is storing inside the database, why would it not transfer from one site to another when importing one site’s database to the other?

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  1. 8 years, 22 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi June.

    Database import/export unfortunately doesn’t work with Page Builder. We are working on the issue but it’s proving to be a tough one.

    Please ensure you have Page Builder already installed on your new site, assuming it is, WordPress Export/Import should import layout and content, it does on our side.

  2. 8 years, 21 days ago jccgrp_jayg

    Hmm, that is bizarre. It seems like a few pages made it, like a “contact us” page, and “awards” page, but the home page layout still didn’t transfer over and had to be rebuilt. Is it because it’s the customized page from the Vantage theme? It didn’t even transfer the slider, or at least it didn’t transfer the setting in theme settings, it defaulted back to the one that comes with Vantage.

    And neither the xml export or database export seem to be maintaining widgets, except for the sidebar. The header and footer areas zero out… fortunately I’m only using one widget each so it’s not that big of a deal to copy/paste. But I’m just perplexed with the wordpress exporter. It doesn’t seem to transfer any settings, none of the permalink settings, or even just the site name and sub heading. That stuff at least comes over with the database export.

    Anyway, that’s not a fault of Vantage or Page Builder, just venting about WP. But if you can get a PB layout and content exporter working that would be absolutely incredible. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

  3. 8 years, 21 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Please can you try this for me, make the home page a regular page, it’s pretty quick:

    * New page called Home – page template set to Full Width, No Title
    * Click over to the Page Builder tab in your new home page, click the Paintbrush icon, Clone the current home page.
    * Appearance > Home Page – OFF
    * Settings > Reading – set home page to the page we just created.

    WordPress Export/Import should now also work for your home page.

    MetaSlider would need to be exported and imported on it’s own. When I’m moving sites in this way I’ll usually do a per plugin export, Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields, plugins of this sort all have their own export feature.

    You’re right, the WordPress exporter is just exporting content, not site settings or anything of that sort.

    I feel your frustration for sure! But am unsure why your Contact Us and Awards page isn’t exporting and importing correctly? Is there something specific about those pages that make it different to your other pages in Page Builder?

  4. 6 years, 2 months ago giark

    Seriously? It is Feb 2016 and we still can’t copy and paste elements?

    • 6 years, 2 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Giark,

      This thread is really old and if you need help with a similar issue please start a new thread. We can only offer you the best support possible when you’re the owner of a thread.

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