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Contact form does not send email at first try

I am using the contact form widget for a member signup form. The widget is embedded in the Site Origin widget block. After openening the website and navigating to the form, filling in the form and pushing “send”, no confirmation message is shown. After checking the mailbox, no mail was received. If I then fill out the form again and send it, everything works fine. This pattern seems to repeat itself almost every time. First time the form is filled out and sent, no mail is sent, second time it works OK.
I hope you can help solve this problem. The form is here: https://www.hertugbyen.dk/bliv-medlem/

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  1. 4 months, 26 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Aksel,

    I’ve run a few tests and I’ve identified a situation where this can occur and I’ve come up with a fix. I’ve submitted this fix to the rest of the team and I’ve prepared you a patched version of SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle with this fix so you can resolve this now.

    Before proceeding, do a backup.

    Navigate to PluginsInstalled Plugins and deactivate SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle, and then delete it. Scroll to the top of the page and click Add New, Upload Plugin and upload this build. When prompted, activate SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Does the contact form work as expected now?

    Kind regards,

  2. 4 months, 20 days ago Aksel Jepsen

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for resolving this issue.

    I did not install your patch, but installed the plugin update, which was issued five days ago. I assume this included the solution to my problem as well, as I can see you were involved in that update also.

    Since then the contact form works well.

    Thanks for your support!

  3. 4 months, 20 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Aksel

    Thanks for your understanding and support. The fix was included in the most recent Widgets Bundle update.

    If any queries or requests arise in the future, please, let us know.

    Cheers for now.


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