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Change the email template after filling contact form


I am using the SiteOrigin contact form but after filling it the email I get only shows only the answaers. No label and no formating. Like this:


Name: John Doe
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Test subject

Email I get

John Doe
[email protected]
Test subject

Is there a way to change that?
Thank you

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  1. 11 months, 3 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Marlon

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The email should contain limited formatting. For example:

    From: Name
    Message contents.

    It, unfortunately, isn’t possible to edit the layout of this email. You can however set up an autoresponder for your form users with the SiteOrigin Premium Contact Form Addon.

    Page: Contact Form

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