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Change the back to top button in vantage free theme

Hello fellow designers!

I would like to exchange the back to top button that comes with the vantage theme , with a link of my own that leads to a new page! to be specific :

1- replace the up arrow with another icon ? or even a character
2- when user clicks or touches i want to lead him to another page!

thank you

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  1. 7 months, 20 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Christos

    Thanks for reaching out.

    At CustomizeTheme DesignFooter it’s possible to change the color of the arrow and the background.

    Page: Footer

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change the icon and the manner in which the button functions without custom development. Those changes are beyond what we’re able to offer here on the forums. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  2. 6 months, 25 days ago CHRISTOS GEORGAKAS

    Thank you for taking time to reply to me!

    As i was writing this post i was sure its going to need custom coding and too be honest i wanted to ask a few pointers! i want to change it myself as i see that i already have

    any change to tell me where is the code inside the theme folder ?

    thank in advance!

  3. 6 months, 25 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi :) The easiest would be to disable the theme back to top button and give one of the plugins listed here a try. That should hopefully, give you an easy to access interface where you can change all of the attributes of the back to top button.

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