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Can’t get rounded icons with the widget

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons: even if I select “completely rounded” the icons are not rounded.
Can you please help ?

Thank you

See example here towards the bottom of the page:


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  1. 1 year, 2 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Francois

    Thanks for reaching out. I can recreate the issue. I’ll log the problem now and send you a pre-release copy of the Widgets Bundle once a fix is ready.

  2. 1 year, 2 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Francois,

    I’ve made a change that resolves this issue for me. Please open your website and navigate to WP AdminPluginsInstalled Pluginsand scroll down to SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and deactivate it, then delete it. Scroll to the top and click Add New > Upload Plugin. Upload this verison and when prompted, activate it.

    Please open the SiteOrigin Simple Media Buttons widget and set Rounding toCompletely Rounded again. Save. How does that look?

    Kind regards,

  3. 1 year, 2 months ago Francois v


    We cannot do this as we would loose all the information on all the widgets for literally hundreds of pages and posts… It would take weeks on a full time basis to redo all of that…

    Is there a custom css we could use to fix the shape of the icons and get them round ?

    Thank you f

  4. 1 year, 2 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Francois

    Your widget data is stored in the database. Manually updating is a safe process and won’t cause any data loss. We frequently update using this method when testing beta releases.

  5. 1 year, 2 months ago Francois v

    OK. I tried on our staging site and it did not fix the issue. The icons are still not rounded:

    [image: Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 16.19.31.png]

    Please help.


  6. 1 year, 2 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Francois,

    That’s odd. I’m having trouble replicating this locally. Would it be possible for you to send me an export of the page that contains the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons widget? To export a page, please open up the linked page in the editor and click the Layout button in the Page Builder toolbar. Then click import/export and then click download. Please upload the export to a 3rd party file hosting site such as WeTransfer (no email is required).

    Kind regards,

  7. 1 year, 2 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Francois,

    We’re currently working on an update that will add more overall control to how the padding, rounding, size, etc, are handled and that will resolve this issue. In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by adding some custom CSS to your website. If you haven’t already installed it, you’ll need to install the SiteOrigin CSS Editor plugin, which gives you a full CSS editor.

    Once you’ve got that installed, navigate to AppearanceCustom CSS and add in the following CSS:

    .widget_sow-social-media-buttons .so-widget-sow-social-media-buttons .sow-social-media-button {
    	width: 2.1em;

    Kind regards,

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