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Technical Explanation to Enable Pagination in Post Loop Widget

Hello support team of SiteOrigin,

I am Kharis, support staff from AThemes.

I am writing this to get a detailed answer about how to enable pagination in Post Loop widget. Our sydney’s content.php template only contains loop item and excludes `the_posts_pagination()`. I’ve tried editing the page template (page.php) and add `the_posts_pagination()` right after `endwhile;` line. I’ve set 2 for Posts per page option in the widget settings, however the pagination isn’t displaying. I’ve followed this documentation to check if there’s a special procedure we can do to enable pagination. Please help us. Is there any code example you could share?

Thank you for your time taking a look at this.


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  1. 3 years, 9 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Kharis,

    Very sorry for the delay. Please email us at [email protected] as it’ll allow us to more easily keep on top of future emails from you. :)

    Okay so the posts loop widget will search out template files that are called content.php, content*.php (* being a wildcard), loop.php, loop*.php (reference). I say this because this means the change you made to page.php won’t actually be picked up on unless it’s made directly to the content*.php files.

    Your best bet would be to either make changes to the content files directly or create a custom post loop template container file (it would basically be exactly like content.php but with the pagination code included). You could use siteorigin_panels_postloop_templates to exclude all of the other templates but the newly created post loop specific template.

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