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Suddenly grey background in body and navigation

Hi folks,

our non-profit site landwaerts.org changed its appearance. Body, navigation and footer changed the background color. Additionally the navigation got bulky, ugly, horrible. I didn’t visit the site for some time and somebody told me just now it looks like that for two weeks already. I’m the only one with the login for wordpress and didn’t update anything.

Wired thing is, in wordpress’ customizer everything still looks like it should. What the heck is going on? Feedback would be highly appreciated.

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  1. 8 months, 15 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Gschustert,

    Do you still need assistance with this? I ask as I’ve had a look around your website and I can’t seem to see the gray background you’re referring to.

  2. 8 months, 6 days ago gschustert

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for your reply. I found the source: The autoptimize plugin “optimized” my css and caused these obscene style changes. I unchecked the box and everything went back to normal.

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