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SiteOrigin Images are not Retaining their Thumbnail Dimensions

The siteOrigin image widget is elongating inserted thumbnail images. Their width is as it should be but the length is not.

This happens when using the Safari browser on the laptop or, the iphone or ipad.

The thumbnail images are perfect when being viewed on a laptop using the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

I suspect an update may have caused this to happen as it was not like this when I created the website back in March/April of this year.

Best, Cheryl

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  1. 4 months, 3 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Cheryl

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Please, try adding to AppearanceCustom CSS if you’re using SiteOrigin CSS or CustomizeAdditional CSS:

    .sow-image-container > a {
    	flex-direction: column !important;

    This snippet can be removed after the next Widgets Bundle update.

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