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Hi, I am using SiteCorp theme.
I want my website to have a sidebar, but that side bar should start below the featured image.
Is that possible?

So, from top to bottom:
Featured image (body)
Content with sidebar

Currently the only thing that works is a sidebar over the full page, which I think is not a clever/nice page design.
I don’t see a possibility to change it.
I tried to go around it by setting up 2 columns, but then the right column (that could serve as a sidebar) is way too wide.

Next to that (issue 2) is that if I have a sidebar the only way to get rid of the sidebar is to select ‘default’, the option full width no sidebar doesn’t work. The sidebar still shows up.


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  1. 2 years, 5 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Ingrid

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Unfortunately, Corp doesn’t currently have the ability to move the sidebar below the featured image.

    Page Settings > Page Layout: Default should display the sidebar. No Sidebar should remove the sidebar and Full Width, No Sidebar should also remove the sidebar. If you aren’t seeing that behavior, please send a link to the page or post concerned and we’ll take a look.


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