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Site Origin Price Table Not Appearing on Chrome

Hi, I’ve got a site with a price table and all was working fine but recently I’ve noticed it’s not appearing when using Chrome.

I thought it was maybe due to an update that was needed or something, but everything is now up to date.

The site/page is built with Page Builder, I’m using the Corp theme and the price tables are near the top under “servicing packages”

Bike Servicing/Repair

On the off chance it was different I tried with Microsoft Edge browser, and the table is fine.

Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?


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  1. 3 years, 11 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for reaching out.

    All seems normal in Chrome on my end. MLP, TLC, VIP Service. Is the issue persisting for you? If so, is there any change if you view the page in Chrome Incognito mode? If there is no change, perhaps try temporarily deactivating your browser extensions, any change? You can access your extensions at chrome://extenstions.

  2. 3 years, 11 months ago Alex Gold

    Hi Andrew, thanks for confirming it’s ok your end. Weirdly, I tried incognito yesterday and it was fine.

    This morning I went through all my extensions turning them off and nothing changed. I then had another hunch and tried shift-f5 and the page loaded perfectly! I suspect some issue with my cache either on my end or cloudflare was doing something weird.

    I was more worried how it looked on a third party end, so it seems it’s all running fine – thanks for confirming! :D

  3. 3 years, 11 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Super, I’m glad to hear a hard refresh did the trick. If SiteOrigin questions arise in the future, please, let us know.

    Cheers for now :)

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