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Shortcode for papercite plugin not working


I´m trying to use a shortcode provided by the WordPress papercite plugin on a page created with the SiteOrigin Editor. Unfortunately, it only prints the shortcode on the page but not the intended functionality.

The shortcode works on pages with the normal editor so i assume that there´s an incompatability with SiteOrigin. Are there any known issues with this plugin or am i just missing something that needs to be configured before i use a plugin´s shortcode with SiteOrigin.

I already tryed to untick the “Automatically add Paragraphs” checkbox. Also, any other shortcodes i use on the SiteOrigin page are working.

I appreciate any help.

Kind regards

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  1. 7 months, 28 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This, unfortunately, is something the plugin author would need to address. It doesn’t appear as though shortcodes work in theme widget areas using the Text widget (core WP widget) either.

    If you’re able to make contact with the author you can let them know that we’re here to help if any advice or consultation are needed. The majority of plugin shortcodes work in Page Builder, issues like this are the exception.

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