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Preview Page Not Found when using pdf links

Begining yesterday, we cannot edit any of our pages that have pdf links in them. I created a new page and found that everything works fine (preview and save draft) until I add a pdf link. I tried using a button link and a word link with the same result. Now here is where it gets weird. In a new page, I can create multiple rows and include pdf links. If I add a background color to a row, the preview does not work. I can either have pdf links or rows with backgound colors (or borders), but not both. I have deactivated all non-SiteOrigin plugins with same results. I deactivated Page Builder and the problem goes away, but the page structure is gone or course. It appears to be a SiteOrigin issue. I even changed Themes with same result. Everything is updated.

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  1. 6 months, 11 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi PFUMC,

    Typically when this issue occurs, it’s as a result of something on the server blocking the request due to an overly aggressive rule – you’re experiencing a false positive. Can you please reach out to your hosting provider and ask if they have something like mod_security installed? If so, are you getting blocked? You may need to provide your hosting provider with login details to allow them to easily identify which rule is getting triggered by doing this.

  2. 6 months, 10 days ago PFUMC

    Thanks for the response.

    It was exactly what you noted. I submitted a ticket to my hosting service,
    they identified the mod_security issue and whitelisted the problem area.
    All this was done overnight. Stress relieved. Thanks!

  3. 6 months, 10 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi PFUMC,

    Awesome! :)
    Please be sure to post another thread if you have any other questions.

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