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Post loop does not have pagination

Hello, i am using this page builder for my new project, it works fine. But the problem i found is with pagination, Let me describe the scenario.
I have a custom post type named as product, which i am using to show my products and i use tag like top, popular etc, now i want to show top products to my home page whereas i have 70 top products and i am intend to show only 6 at a time, so what i did is, take a new row add post loop widget than set the post query as post type ‘product’, post par page ‘6’, post_tag ‘top’, Now in my front end it showing 6 products but with no pagination bar, so that i can not see the other products here.

I need to solve this ASAAP, Please help me out with this.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 4 years, 10 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Mustafa Kamal Hossain

    Unfortunately, the Post Loop widget uses templates provided by the theme you’re using. This means that if no pagination is present it’s unlikely the post loop template you’re using supports pagination. Please try a different template and if that doesn’t, sadly, it means the pagination wasn’t added to your theme using the typical method. I would recommend reporting this issue to the theme developers.

    Your only real option at this point is to use an alternative widget to add your posts to your page. I would recommend giving the Inked Blog widget a try . This widget is included in the Widgets for SiteOrign plugin which requires SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Once installed, please navigate to WP Admin > Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets and activate the Inked Blog widget.

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