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Polylang and Siteorigin compatibility

The issue that is occuring is an intermittant problem where the pages will show “”Nothing Found”” after the activation of Polylang.

There could be some conflict with Yoast SEO as well within the Category section.

This particular issue is fixed when a parent page is added or of course hitting “save changes” in Settings – Permalinks.

We are looking to buy both Site Origin and Polylang Pro and Premium support for ongoing issues but there seems to be a compatibility issue here.

It’s been super inconvenient times and the people editing the pages.

Would like a more permanent fix than just hitting Save changes on permalinks everytime pages are edited – JUST INCASE.

Is this a known issue, is there some setting I need to change or lines of code to be added. I need a fix soon.

Originally when it first occured it seemed major but one of the clients updated the parent pages to the home page so www.website.com/home/resources and that fixed it. After this we learnt just flushing the permalinks was a quicker fix.

Other forums mention its a rewrite rule but I’m looking for a soft fix a change of setting because basically just wanting POLYLANG to work on SiteOrigin without such major headaches they are two of the main themes / plugins.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. 3 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Cody

    Thanks for reaching out and for detailing the issue.

    This isn’t a known issue as far as I’m aware.

    Have you directly linked the issue to Page Builder? In terms of the URL structure, it shouldn’t make a difference if a page is being managed with Page Builder or not.

    Please, send a link to the site and we’ll see if we can spot anything.

  2. 3 years, 7 months ago Cody Kerr


    I really appreciate your help on this. ☺️

    Want to avoid changing themes and the Polylang plugin if possible to save a monster of time.

  3. 3 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Thanks for the URL.

    To confirm, is there any evidence to indicate Page Builder is involved in the conflict?

    The issue is unlikely to be theme related.

  4. 3 years, 7 months ago Cody Kerr

    The biggest issue is this Nothing found that happens after the site owners update the page I think it's linked to the slug because when they updated the parent page to home it worked again … Ever since adding Polylang. The theme was working well until the addition of Polylang.

    It's working fine now. But it seems to be intermittent.

  5. 3 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Thanks, I’m with you. The theme most likely isn’t involved in an issue of this nature.

    There are mixed content warnings. Using a plugin like Really Simple SSL is usually a quick way to resolve those. That’s a potential place to start.

  6. 3 years, 7 months ago Cody Kerr

    If you can tell me why would it display the Nothing Found though???

  7. 3 years, 7 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    I’m not sure. There is a list of possible reasons this could be happening. When I searched the topic, just Polylang, and page not found, there are a variety of causes in the cases listed. It doesn’t look like the mixed content issue is resolved on your site yet. In terms of working through a troubleshooting process, it’s an easy place to start and something that should be resolved regardless.

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