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  1. 2 months, 20 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Orion

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If your SiteOrigin Premium license is active, kindly email [email protected] to reach out premium support desk. We offer fast response times and an extended support scope.

    The Layout Slider Widget doesn’t dynamically resize the contents of the slider. As a result, the widget uses cover for the background image size. cover works great with some images but not all. Put another way, if the background image was 100% in size, it would only be tall enough to cover the first three lines of text on mobile.

    Using the Responsive Height setting can be helpful in setting the best height for mobile. Another possible solution we can offer is to add custom positioning for mobile. We could for example shift the image over a bit either to the left or right.

    If your SiteOrigin Premium license is current, please, drop us an email at [email protected], we’ll assist further there. Thanks.

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