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PageBuilder conflict with Yoast Seo, and WPJobBoard (WPJB)

Hi there,

I’ve been having an issue investigated with my site, which was originally identified as a conflict between a job board plug-in and Yoast SEO on my site.

On further investigation, it has been determined that this issue only occurs when PageBuilder by SiteOrigin and Yoast is also activated.

However, this does not occur when Yoast is not activated.

i.e. there is a potential conflict between Yoast SEO and PageBuilder, that is affecting how users interact with my site.

To briefly summarise the issue when all plug-ins are activated: when people ‘post a job’ on my website, it seems to create an infinite loop that only stops once my memory has been exhausted (which sends me a huge amount of notifications as if the person has posted the same job over 70 times).

I have error logs from WPJB, and some further information provided by Yoast, who are also working on this.

I’ve been advised to get in touch with you by Yoast since they believe it is your plug-in causing the conflict, and think it would be worth getting your input to help find a resolution.

Based on the popularity of Yoast SEO, it would seem within your interest to avoid this conflict.

I appreciate you may need more information, so will wait for your response.

Kind regards,


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  1. 1 year, 1 month ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Alex,

    Typically when there’s a multiple plugin conflict between SiteORigin Page Builder and Yoast it’s due to when the third plugin (being WP Job Board) is processing the data or how they’re processing it.

    The when is typically really early on due to Yoast open graph meta (which will use get_the_excrept() to generate a description if one isn’t applied – this is typically where things go wrong). Can you please temporarily disable all of the Yoast social related functionality (instead of enabling it, disable it) to see if this issue remains?

    The how typically happens due to the third plugin adding a new post on submission but not running checks to ensure the post has already been logged – if this doesn’t happen, we’ll rerun our code to store the page on creation. This won’t happen if the form is on the frontend or if Page Builder isn’t useable with the form.

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