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We recently acquired a new client (the site is “https://www.m-soluzioni.it/wordpress”)and I noticed that they are using your theme (Corp | Multipurpose WordPress Theme) at version 1.0.1563 which is not up-to-date.
I have attempted to update it, but it breaks everything.

Is it possible for me to find and try the older updates for now? Or what would be the recommended course of action?

Thank you,

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  1. 1 year, 3 months ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

    Unfortunately, 1.0.1563 isn’t a version number authored by SiteOrigin. It sounds like the parent theme might have been edited. To resolve the situation and return to normal updates, you’d need to:

    – Download the release ZIP file of the version closest to when you think the theme might have been edited: https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/query?keywords=~theme-siteorigin-corp.

    – Use a diff tool to locate the customizations the developers made. FileMerge is free on macOS, for example. Compare the release version closest to when you think the theme was edited and the theme folder you’re working with now.

    – Move your customizations to a child theme Page: Child Theme.

    The theme’s release version number can be found in the functions.php file and woocommerce.css. The editing author might have only changed the version number is style.css, so you might be able to easily find the originating version number.

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