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A new client of ours uses the SiteOrigin Page Builder (and widget bundle) on their site and recently almost all of the content on their site has disappeared. When I edit a post on the site, I’m told that all of the widgets are missing (with the apparent exception of the SiteOrigin Editor). It’s possible that the previous developer added some custom widgets and they are the ones not appearing, but I’m unfamiliar with the SiteOrigin system, so I’m hoping someone may have seen this issue before and has a solution?

I have uploaded a screenshot of the post editor as it currently looks when I try to edit a post. It can be viewed here:

Screenshot of SiteOrigin issue

Many thanks,

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  1. 7 months, 14 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Page Builder uses regular WordPress widgets. Widgets added via the WordPress Widgets API are available in Page Builder. Widgets can be added by the WordPress core, themes, or plugins. If the theme or plugin that added the missing widget has been removed or deactivated, the widgets will no longer be available.

    Page: Troubleshooting Widgets Bundle Errors

    Because widgets can be added by any theme or plugin there isn’t any way for us to know how the fooddoodes text widget was added. You can start with the plugins list, perhaps there is a plugin there that was deactivated. You can also try checking PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets page. If a theme or plugin added the widget using the Widgets Bundle API then it’ll be added to the PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets page and might be deactivated.

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