Forum Thread Prioritization

We understand that a wide range of people use our themes and plugins. This is why we decided to allow everyone to pay what they want for our themes, so you decide what our products are worth to you. No matter what you pay, you’ll get a copy of our premium theme, but one thing that does vary with the amount you pay is the support you’ll receive.

We value all our users, and try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. We do, however, heavily prioritize support threads from our paying customers and give further priority based on the amount paid.

Our system creates a priority score for each thread and our support staff deal with those threads in descending order. Each thread is prioritized based on the following factors.

  • Amount paid for the premium theme.
  • Age of the thread.

This prioritization is why you might see threads that other users posted after yours, receive an answer before you. Our support staff work off the prioritized list, not the simple date ordered list.