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Masthead gone together with dropdown menu setting


I have been using Vantage for a few years, but suddenly (probably after wordpress updated to 5.8.2) the masthead is gone, i.e. the logo, tagline, and navigation menu do not show up any longer. Under Customize > Theme Settings > Layout, the Masthead Layout, Masthead Menu, and Footer Layout do not contain anything and do not let me choose options.
I have tried disabling plugins, but to no avail.
Can you suggest what I could do to restore the masthead?

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  1. 5 months, 8 days ago Rick Damiani

    I had to downgrade the vantage theme in order to show masthead and menus.
    Hope this helps other folks hit by this unexpected bug.

  2. 5 months, 6 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Rick

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Which version of Vantage did you upgrade to?
    Are you using a child theme?

    The issue as described, unfortunately, isn’t something we’ve encountered.

  3. 5 months, 6 days ago Rick Damiani

    Hi I was on 1.19.4 went back to 1.18.1. No I do not use child themes, do not know how to use them yet.
    It is a pretty big deal in my view, my website was totally unusable without menu/header/footer. I am surprised you guys did not encounter this issue.

  4. 5 months, 6 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Thanks for the update.

    We haven’t had any reports of this issue or encountered it in any of our local or testing installations. Without a way to recreate, it’s very challenging to investigate. If you have a way to create a testing or staging site, that’s one way to go. Another option might be to repeat the upgrade and confirm that the issue repeats itself. In the event, the problem does re-occur, you could perhaps try checking for console errors when editing in the Customizer. You could also try enabling PHP debugging to see if anything is logged there.

    Checking for console errors:

    PHP debugging:

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