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Influence Theme- Photos opening in a new tab?

Hello, I do hope you can help me! I am an ABSOLUTE web site novice but have been thrilled with the learning ease of using this wonderful theme.
I am an artist and use the theme to display my work. My query is, how can I ensure the photos open in a new tab? At present they do not and so, if someone doesn’t know to use the tab/page back arrow they will loose my webpage once closing the picture.
I anticipate I will need to load a plugin or wiget???
Thank you again for such a wonderfully clean and classy theme, and for you help
With kind regards,

URL: http://www.robynabreyart.com/

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  1. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Dear Greg or anyone else able to help me…. further to my first query about my SLIDER photos opening in a new window, I have a more serious problem! I must have missed something in my portfolio page setting up. The photos are loaded using “Visual Editor” (widget?) and they display nicely as the whole Portfolio page, they also open when clicked to a nice themed page but obviously need something more as they display with an odd small blue ‘Previous/next’ arrow (If it shows at all) and when next is clicked a very random photo appears from my media library… I am sure I have missed a very simple step, but being a novice would GREATLY appreciate some advice. Should there be something in the ‘widget class’ or ‘CSS Styles’ section? OR In gallery settings should the photos be linked to ‘Attachment Page’ or ‘Media File’?
    Thank you in anticipation of your help!
    With kind regards,

  2. 7 years, 8 months ago Greg Priday Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Robyn

    Very sorry for the late reply here. To answer your first question, this actually isn’t currently possible. It really should be though. I’ve logged this as a feature request in our system, so hopefully we’ll see this as an option soon.

    As for your other issue, this is rather embarrassing but I think that might actually be an issue with Influence. It seems like it’s not properly formatting the image media pages. Again, I’ve logged this in our system. We’ll definitely have this fixed with the next update.

  3. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Dear Greg, thank you so much for your reply, I’m sure the Portfolio problem will be solved soon, in the meantime I have a far bigger issue… totally self inflicted! On a previous topic about centralizing a feature image I saw that I should insert some code into a Simple CSS or Jetpack plugin. My first attempt was miraculously successful with Jetpack, which then locked me out of my site (My site was hacked last year, completely wiped clean by WordPress, and I am attempting to build what was a previously professionally built site, with warnings from Google about phishing every time I log on.) After forcing my way in and deactivating Jetpac, in my obviously IGNORAMUS state I duly inserted the code into what I thought would be an appropriate place on Simple CSS (Cant remember the exact name but it was one you recommend) and WAP!!! The entire back of my site is now a blank white page!!!!
    People like me must be web designers WORST NIGHTMARE!!!
    Needless to say I feel deeply sad! (vulnerable, MAD etc etc!!!)

  4. 7 years, 8 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Robyn

    Sorry to hear about the hassle. Let’s start out by de-activating all your plugins, here is a tutorial on doing that:


    If that doesn’t help we’ll use FTP or hosting file manager to delete Influence but try the plugin de-activation first.

  5. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Thank you so much for this link Andrew, I hope to succeed as soon as I can figure out what FTP IS??? or where on Earth (or in the Ethernet) to find my wp-admin file???? (I did warn you I am a novice!)
    I have spent many hours Googling the question with no answer yet (Complicated by the fact that I am in Brazil and all the systems on this computer are in Portuguese, which I do not speak!!!) I wonder if I will need to log onto an area managed by the young man hosting my site?
    Anyway…. I’ll be back….. (I hope :-)

  6. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Sorry, I meant where to find my wp-content file….

  7. 7 years, 8 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Robyn

    This is unfortunately the tougher side of self-hosted WordPress. You could also ask your hosting company if they could restore a backup for you, a backup from when the site was working.

    FTP is basically a way of accessing the files on your server via an application like FileZilla. You could also use your hosting File Manager.

    Here is a little on FTP:

  8. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Thank you so much for your advice and support Andrew! I’m relieved to say my admin page is back up and running although no thanks to my doing! I suspect the young man that hosts my site was so horrified at the thought of me poking around in my wp-content file, he very kindly stepped in and sorted me out, deleting certain plugins he did not suggest I use… Alas that included the jetpac and simple coding CSS plugins (which I had installed in order to centralize the feature photos in gallery pages) I daren’t install them again!
    Ty installed WP Lightbox Bank and has given me a solution to the above query, with my photos now following on nicely to each other.
    I still hope I may be able to centralize feature photos using plugins I already have, or should I just upload specific images as photos that are the correct dimension to fill then page??? (And what would that be?)
    I am going to start another topic, apologies for this, but also would like to see if there is a way that I could have feature medium size photos on the Portfolio page, which when clicked would take one to the sub Portfolio page of that particular subject… like wildlife thumbnail on the portfolio page linking to the Wildlife sub portfolio page?
    This may be something others would ask about so I’ll write to you separately, after first checking that the question doesn’t exist already.
    Thank you again for your help Andrew,
    With kind regards,

  9. 7 years, 8 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Robyn

    Really glad to hear you’re up and running again.

    Sorry, I’m getting a little lost in your reply. No need to open a new thread, we can work one question at a time. Please can you send me a link to the page concerned for the first image question and briefly explain again what needs to happen on that page.

    Thanks :)

  10. 7 years, 8 months ago Robyn Abrey

    Hello again Andrew, I hope you had a relaxing weekend?
    I will attach the link to my portfolio page. At present it has all of my portfolio items showing one after another, but I think that is rather laborious so have instead created sub Portfolio pages which show when the menu is clicked.
    I would like to have the Mother Portfolio page show one Medium sized picture for each sub page, which when clicked would open the sub page associated with that picture… ie a Portrait which when clicked would take you to the portraits sub page… Kapish?
    I did start a new thread and listed the plugins I already have installed, in the hope we could use one of them as I’m hesitant to install and edit another one after my last debacle!
    With kind regards and thanks,

  11. 7 years, 8 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Thanks for the info. It’s strange that Jetpack caused a problem. That’s a very mainstream plugin. Perhaps it was a server resources issue. Anyway, onwards, I’ve answered over here:

    Thread: Possibility of having Thumbnail feature images on Portfolio page linking/opening to Portfolio Sub Pages

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