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I am trying to use the following code to produce an image hover effect but the code just keeps getting stripped.

<a nohref target="_top" onmouseover="document.sub_but.src='URL of image 2'" onmouseout="document.sub_but.src='URL of image 2'">
<img src='URL of image 1' style="width:300px; height:150px; border:0px solid #cc3300;" alt="Move your mouse over me" name="sub_but"/>

I do this in a SiteOrigin Editor using text as soon as I click visual the code is stripped down.

Sometimes but not always it does this on updating the post.

I have TinyMCE Advanced and also Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugins installed but still can’t stop this happening.


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  1. 4 years, 5 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Barry,

    Unfortunately, to use that field you’re going to have to use a text widget instead of an editor as the WordPress editor will remove HTML when you switch between the HTML and the visual tabes (this is unavoidable). Sorry mate. :()

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