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How to insert html-code in Site Origin Contact Form

first I want to say, that I’m not an expert in HTML or CSS, but I realised some tasks on my site.

I use the Site Origin Page Builder with the Widget Bundle, but not an Site Origin Theme.
I created a SO-contact-form and it works well. Now I want to limit the numbers of characters in the textarea-field.
But I dont find how to do this, because I cannot find the html-editor to edit the contact-form.

I read, that I could limit it with the html-code maxlength=” “.

Is there anyone who may give me a solution for this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

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  1. 17 days, 22 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi, thanks for reaching out.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to safely edit any plugin in the manner described. All plugins and themes overwrite their files during the plugin or theme update process, so any direct changes made at a code level will be lost. You can adapt and extend functionality using action hooks and filters that would fall under custom development.

    There isn’t a setting-based solution for limiting the SiteOrigin Contact Form field character count. I’ll Alex from SiteOrigin to reply and let us know if a custom solution is possible.

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