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Google, Facebook, & Yelp Review Widgets Not Working


Not too rookie at web design as this is my primary source of income. But this has me stumped.

Created a row, clicked “add widget”, clicked Yelp Review Widget.. it does populate these settings:

1Find Business
2Select Business
3Save Reviews
Review Options
Display Options
Advance Options

Also populates the fields to type in stuff like “Search terms” “Location” “Widget Title”
Now step one says “find business” which i enter in correct information into “Search terms” “Location” as I assure you I am 1up on a trained chimped and i click “search”… literally nothing happens, hence why I’m here.

Things ive tried:
Disabled ALL plugins other than siteorigins
Checked Update for latest WordPress (on latest)
Tried different theme
Tried BS Edge, Firefox, Chrome
Deleted cookies & logged in on another device
Prayed to god
Sprinkled salt around my 4 monitor gaming quality setup and performed a symbolic blood ritual
Phoned a friend

And now you guys are stuck with me, so lets have some fun and figure this out. I notice you guys like to login so I will setup an account for you guys.


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  1. 9 months, 7 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi John,

    I suspect the widget you’re using sadly isn’t completely compatible with SiteOrigin Page Builder. Are you able to replicate this issue when using the default Widgets Interface at WP AdminAppearanceWidgets? If so, are you able to replicate this when you add the Yelp Review Widget to a Layout Builder widget (which is SiteOrigin Page Builder) on your widgets page?

    Can you please clarify what plugin adds this widget?

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