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hi there

i’m actually building a onepage-site with the page builder. it worked very well so far. awesome plugin!!
right now i have a problem with the scaling of the fonts for the mobile-view.

my site is http://cupspieler.ch/
i use the siteorigin corp theme.

prob 1:
the titles and texts are in the same size, when i have a mobile view.
the “FitText Compressor Strengt” is set to “1” – so why are both text in same size?
my goal is to have a difference between title and text like in desktop-view.
i’ve tried many different ways to get a solution …

prob 2:
in my first text “Cupspiel ist ein Kreativbüro für Marketing, Kommunikation, Werbung, Branding und Grafik.” i’ve set the “Line Height” to 100 px, but when i have the mobile-view, i don’t want to have a line-height. looks ugly.
i’ve tried to fix it with the attributes “mobile CSS Styles” and “CSS Styles” but its not working like i want..

would be great if someone got a hint for me.

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  1. 1 year, 2 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Pollution,

    1. I would try adjusting the compressor strength setting until you get the desired sizing. By the looks of it however, FitText is displaying as large as it can and it just so happens to be the same sizing. This sort of thing seems to happen when you’re dealing with very large amounts of text, in both side and length.

    2. Try setting the line-height to 1 or 2 em. This will allow for the line-height to scale better based on font-size. There’s sadly no way direct way to set a mobile-specific line-height.

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