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Drop down menus hide between SiteOrigin Hero Image


Andrew Misplon has already solved this problem here :

Menu dropdown hides behind Hero image

But his solution did not work for my site, here :


DropDown menus still disappear behind the SiteOrigin upper element (Hero Image), which could lead me to cancel my project to use SiteOrigin Plugin on my site (Theme : Urja Solar Ennergy Pro).

Would you have any solution to solve this ?

Best regards,


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  1. 11 days, 3 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Hugues

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Each theme has a different HTML structure. We’re targetting the theme’s HTML structure to raise the theme header or menu z-index. As a result, the solution is a bit different each time. You can try:

    #ht-masthead {
    	z-index: 200;
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